List of submission of projects to various funding agencies w.e.f.  April-2017  up to date
S.No. Name of the Principal Investigator Department Name of the Project Date of Submission Funding Agency
1 Prof. K.M. Fazili Biotechnology Understanding the dynamic IRE1 interactome in regulating the differential specificities of cytoplasmic RNase domain of IRE1α July 28, 2017 SERB,DST
2 Dr. Bilal Rashid Malik CORD Epigenetic control  of mitochondrial…… July 28, 2017 SERB,DST
3 Dr. Abdul Wajid Bhat  Clinical Biochemistry Understanding the role of …… transcription July 28, 2017 SERB,DST
4 Dr.Manzoor Ah.Shah Botany Phylogeography and population… In Canada & India  July 27, 2017 SICRG
5 Prof.B.A.Gania CORD Asessing medicinally dietary…approach July 10, 2017 DST
6 Dr.Imtiaz Ah.Khan Zoology Documentation of animal… mangement prospectives July 28, 2017 SERB,DST
7 Dr.A.A.Bhuroo Zoology Biodiversity and ecology of the Himalyan… and complex of associates July 22, 2017 SERB,DST
8 Dr.MD.Niamat Ali CORD Evaluation of anti cancer and …. Kashmir Himalyas India July 22, 2017 SERB,DST
9 Dr.MD.Niamat Ali CORD Eluciadtion of KRAS… Kashmiri population July 22, 2017 SERB,DST
10 Dr.Mushtaq Ah.Beigh Nanotechnology Regulatory dynamics of grainyhead… cancer pathogenesis July 10, 2017 SERB,DST
11 Dr.Bilal Ah.Bhat Zoology Evalaution of factors affecting dyanmic …Kashmir Himalaya July 1, 2017 SERB,DST
12 Dr.Basharat Ah.Want Physics IUAC May 31, 2017 IUAC
13 Dr.Mukhtar Ah.Khanday Mathematics Hyperthermic treatment to cancerous… modelling July 17, 2017 SERB,DST
14 Dr.Mohsin Ahmad Bhat Chemistry Synthesis Nanogap…Electric Oxidation July 27, 2017 SERB,DST
15 Dr.M.A.Mir Mathematics External problems….polynomial July 27, 2017 SERB,DST
16 Prof.S Muzaffar Ali Andarbi USIC Evaluation of Biomass Burning Emissions to address… health risks July 20, 2017 SERB,DST
17 Dr.Hial Ah Punoo Food Science & Technology The corporation of omega-3 fatty acids from vegetable..yoghurt July 18, 2017 SERB,DST
18 Dr. Rabia Hamid Biochemistry Functional characterization of lipid translocating (LTE) family………… 01-Jun-17 SERB,DST
19 Dr.Majid Hussain Qadri The Business School NewGEN IEDC May 17, 2017 NSTEDB
20 Dr .Altaf Hussain Pandith as the Principal Investigator and Dr.Gh.Nabi Dar as the co-investigator  Physics Hydrothermally grown carbonized iron oxide based nanostructured electrode material for high performance Supercapacitor application July 29, 2017 SERB,DST
21 Dr .Ghulam Jeelani  Earth Science Geochemical and isotopic characterization of Water and Sediments of the Jhelum River: Constraints on weathering and erosion July 31, 2017 SERB,DST
22 Dr. Yahya Bakhtiyar  Zoology Population dynamics of introduced Cyprinus carpio in Dal Lake and its impact on Lake Ecosystem and local Schizothorax species July 31, 2017 SERB,DST
  Dr majid Hussain Qadiri The Business School Sexual Harassment in the Tertiary Institutional Ecosystem of India: A Gender Equity Analyses July 31, 2017 Ministry of Women Child  welfare